Why use civil engineers who specialise in landscapes?

Landscape construction is challenging from many viewpoints – artistic, environmental, architectural, engineering, and horticultural to name a few. Choosing to work with a civil engineer who has significant experience with creating landscapes ensures that the execution...

What is a landscape?

An urban landscape can be split into two main categories – hard landscaping refers to physical manmade features of the outdoor space (such as roads, footpaths and fencing), whilst soft landscaping refers to the natural features (such as plants and grass). All of these...

What are the features of an excellent intersection upgrade?

As well as improvements to the intersection itself – from the addition of traffic lights and signals to increasing the number of lanes and their capacity – Sydney Civil seeks to ensure that the upgrade fits within the surrounding streetscape. A successful plan will...

Why are intersections usually upgraded?

Some of the main reasons a Council will call for an intersection to be upgraded is when safety issues have been identified (or when traffic volume projections indicate that issues will arise) and when congestion is a known problem. The occurrence of vehicle crashes –...

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