Equal Opportunities and Indigenous Partnerships

A work culture with truly varied views, opinions, perspectives, and people with their own sense of identity is what Sydney Civil strives to achieve. 

Via our annual culture surveys, we ensure and monitor that our staff and teams feel safe, understood, and work in an environment that is conducive to them being the best that they can be. Balance is a key theme of our approach to equal opportunities for all.

What we mean by diversity

Everyone who identifies as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds, all genders, ages, and cultural backgrounds, and those living with a disability. 

Outside of work, we encourage our employees to join and be active in their own specific communities and help wherever we can.

How we drive equality


Training and work experience for people who are looking to break the cycle and build greater economic success through employment with us

By partnering with social enterprises such as Souths Cares, to ensure pathways into our business, we provide a supportive nurturing environment and mentoring for those minorities, and better opportunities. For example, young First Nations Peoples who have experienced the youth justice system can obtain work experience on our projects and worksites.


By offering all types of roles to all types of people


By championing initiatives such as:

  • Youth mentoring
  • School holiday clinics
  • Liverpool Opportunity Hub

By monitoring salary equality


Flexible working to enable a healthy work life balance

Souths Cares Partnership

We’ve recently partnered with Souths Cares, a public benevolent institution with a proud history of pathways support, to assist us in creating several programs to reduce barriers to employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates:

Implementing a work experience opportunity for interested youth

Implementing a new
Sydney Civil traineeship

Mentorship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff to ensure professional success

Creating pathways to becoming a qualified civil engineer

We look forward to exploring employment opportunities together!

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